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*Explanation: Our statement, our statement
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Mono Penta ,
means innovation and solution

Even though mono means single and penta means five, approaching every job with care like one job and It is an agency model that aims to keep alive. With our love for every branch of communication It is our greatest passion to include our kneaded ideas into our works. we see as.



We believe in Strategy and the power of Communication

To be able to position companies correctly on digital platforms and other channels approach diligently in line with the strategies we have determined for and We provide the required energy and communication power to brands. All in all advertising agency means managing communication tools well and We always express our opinion clearly and plainly by saying to use it correctly.



Mono Penta Creative , more than an agency ...

We were established in 2019 and we did good work in a short time with the experience of the past years. In big cities such as Kocaeli, digital advertising is more time is wasted, we evaluate these steps and we turn our route into innovations quickly and effectively.
We love to produce, implement and finalize projects. We try to produce functional solutions with a design-first approach. We work fast - but not in a hurry - and thinking. Simplicity and we believe in simplicity.



We attach importance to team spirit

Team spirit of Mono Penta for national and local brands we work with we provide maximum benefit from our power and the experience we have gained. With the perspective of Mono Penta, the rapidly changing world of digital platforms approach to position your brand correctly We bring a new breath to your brand with our team.



We achieve success with our long-term brands

Thanks to our long-term working principle with our brands, Its longevity is for both the brand and our identity. we see it as a truth that provides necessity. Key to success One of the points is, with the power of communication we have with our brands. we are making more difference and planning the whole year.



We enjoy advertising with our national and local brands.

Same dedication to every brand we have worked with since the day we were founded. With the value we add to our brands by approaching from a different perspective we are growing. As Mono Penta, we have come out with our experiences to reflect the Mono Penta energy of our brands we work on this path.